A facilitative learning environment

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Facilitated learning

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The Three Function Approach to the Medical Interview () Back to top. Cohen-Cole and Bird have developed a model of the consultation that has been adopted by The American Academy on Physician and Patient as their model for teaching the Medical Interview. (1) Gathering data to understand the patient’s problems.


The Transformational leadership style has been with us for thousands of years — being both praised and cursed.

Discover what it is & why it’s important for organizations that. (Original post on Internet Time Alliance colleague Harold Jarche’s site).

The Internet Time Alliance Award, in memory of Jay Cross, is presented to a workplace learning professional who has contributed in positive ways to the field of Real Learning and is reflective of Jay’s lifetime of work. Lorensbergs was founded in with a passion to combine outstanding learning design with a psychological depth and scientific tools and methods.

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The literature on educational leadership and school change recognizes clearly the role and influence of the campus administrator (the principal, and sometimes an assistant principal) on whether or not change will occur in the school.

We believe that the facilitative teacher understands that learning is a complex process that requires an interaction between curriculum, instruction, the student, and the environment. We believe that the facilitative teacher implements appropriate instructional strategies to create a positive learning environment in the classroom.

A facilitative learning environment
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