Action learning a reflective process

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Design & Teach a Course

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Reflective practice

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The way we describe a phenomenon yields a corresponding heres action that results and reinforces our viewpoint. David Kolb has defined a very well-known set of learning styles. Action learning is an approach to solving real-life problems. It involves taking action and reflecting upon the results.

This helps improve the problem-solving process as well as simplify the solutions developed by the team.

The theory of action learning and its epistemological position were originally developed by Reg Revans (), who applied the method to support organizational and. Simply described, action learning is a dynamic process that involves a small group of people solving real problems, while at the same time focusing on what they are learning and how their learning can benefit each group member, the group itself and the organization as a whole.

Commissioner's Weekly Update The Reflective Practitioner: How Professionals Think In Action (): Donald A. Schon: Books. Commissioner's Weekly Update September 14, Board of Elementary and Secondary Education to Meet; Picture of the Week: DESE All Staff Meeting.

Phase 4. Phase 4 continues the process of reflecting on teaching through standards and explores the areas of differentiating learning and peer and self-assessment for students.

Action learning a reflective process
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