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Love is a Battlefield: The Legend of Ishtar, First Goddess of Love and War

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THE WORD OF GOD. God, the fountain of living waters, (Jeremiah). Within the Indo-European culture exists a drink called Soma, that is said to convey the experience of immortality, is a healer and gives absolution.

Essays on Biblical topics: Science and the Bible, Prophecy (eschatology), sexuality and wholeness, Israel and the Church.

Louise Pryke /The Conversation. As singer Pat Benatar once noted, love is a abrasiverock.com use of military words to express intimate, affectionate emotions is likely related to love’s capacity to bruise and confuse.

So it was with the world’s first goddess of love and war, Ishtar, and her lover Tammuz. The Alchemy of Transformation: How to make a bodhisattva [2] Zen training is a matter of transformation of spirit or heart-energy.

In this case from the powers that secure the false view of self to the warmth and power of the bodhisattva. Skip to content. CineSavant Review Index F-M. An Alphabetical Listing F G H I J K L M. Links to Reviews A through E.

Heavens gate cult essay
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