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Brain-Based Learning, Myth versus Reality: Testing Learning Styles and Dual Coding

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Brain-Based Learning, Myth versus Reality: Testing Learning Styles and Dual Coding

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Experimental Brain Blood, 3 Whatever people prefer to watch human or listen to the different while they were, while others need only silence to concentrate. - The Multiple Intelligences theory and vocabulary learning strategies (A study of faculty of education students vocabulary learning strategies) Introduction: Studying human languages is the door to study human brain that is manifested in different language activities.

Left Brain vs. the Right Brain and it’s Effects on Learning The left side of the brain and the right side of the brain are said to have specific functions relative for each side (Melina, ). The left side of the brain is said to be responsible for interpreting language, sound, and speech (Melina, ).

Once we learn how the left side brain learns and how the right side brain learns, then we can better develop a way of learning for all types of students and people. The left side hemisphere of the brain include characteristics such as language skills, mathematical concepts, analytical skills.

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You can order a custom essay on Learning Styles now! Essay about My Personal Learning Style; Essay about My Personal Learning Style. Words 4 Pages. The third element has to do with the four quadrants of the brain that dictate our preferences for dealing with facts or emotions, learning independently or with a group, and using logic or creativity.

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Learning styles and the brain essay
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