Occupational therapy reflection on learning on clinical placement

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Student supervision

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Occupational Therapy - Placements

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Reflective practice

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Reflections on Level II Fieldwork

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Occupational Therapy - Placements

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Looking Within to Improve Diary Practice by Linking on December 5, I had some beginning following this course, pulling the information all together, whatever abstract. This article describes the impact of knowing about personal learning styles as experienced by three occupational therapy students.

Understanding the effect of learning styles on fieldwork learning assisted these students to modify their. evident in occupational therapy undergraduate degree programmes where practice placements make up one third of the course and are a pre-requisite to registration with the Health Professions Council (, ).

This course emphasizes reflective practices within occupational therapy including reflective listening, self-reflection, and use of meaningful feedback to. Early placements in the first 3 semesters (across first and second years) are group-based to encourage discussion, reflection and investigation, and incorporate briefing and debriefing as part of the learning experience.

can contribute to occupational therapy (OT) students’ learning through reflections on experiences from placement education. A cohort of OT students (n = 57) participated in a. ‘When Occupational Therapy Goes Wrong’ is the title of the #OTalk Twitter chat I’m hosting on Tuesday 17th September at BST.

If you’re new to Twitter chats and want some help to get started please feel free to contact me (@pd2ot) or the OTalk/occhat team .

Occupational therapy reflection on learning on clinical placement
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Reflections | Journey of a OT student to qualified OT