Why i want to be a black belt essay

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Why I want a black belt

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Tae Kwon Do - First Degree Black Belt Essay

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May 25,  · why i want my black belt I want my black belt because when I was a lower belt I looked up to the black belts and thought of them as leaders and my goal was to be one and it was set a long time ago.

I want my black belt so that I can be one of those who I looked up to, so that other people will look up to me. Why i want to be a black belt essay.

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Many lay people that do not have knowledge about this art think that a black belt is someone who is very dangerous and any conflict with this person should be avoided at any cost.

Those of us that have chosen to participate in Tae Kwon Do, know that the rank of black belt is an honor, and with it comes many responsibilities and expectations.

I want very much to wear the black belt because that will say that I honor and respect the program, my instructor, and the martial arts philosophy of life.

Why I Want To Be A Blackbelt

The second reason for testing is. Sortor Bushido Kai Karate is a family owned and operated dojo in Bend, Oregon, teaching Bushido Kai Karate. We have martial arts classes and private lessons Sortor Bushido Kai Karate is a family owned and operated dojo in Bend, Oregon, teaching Bushido Kai Karate.

We have martial arts classes and private lessons. Seek sample of black belt essay candidate which may have been written by other students, take a look of how others have written their black belt essay.

Start up by writing an introduction paragraph which forms up the central part of your essay.

Why i want to be a black belt essay
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